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SOM Undergraduate Program

The main aim of the B.A. in Management is to cultivate individuals that are knowledgeable, innovative, that have an entrepreneurial spirit, that are aware of their social responsibilities and able to compete in a changing and increasingly globalizing world. There are six concentration areas listed below.


Accounting is an information system that provides financial and non-financial information about all kinds of organizations, mostly firms. Many user groups such as managers, potential investors, owners, creditors, employees, regulatory agencies, and the government use this information in making their financial decisions.


Finance can broadly be defined as the science of creating monetary value for various players in the economy, such as individual investors, industrial/service corporations, banks and other financial institutions.

 Human Resources Management

As an area of specialization, Human Resources manages planning, procurement and selection, training and development, compensation, performance rating, career planning and industrial relations of human resources in the organization.


Marketing is defined as the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return. Marketing is about managing profitable customer relationships by attracting new customers and/or retaining and growing current customers.

 Management Information Systems

Information Technologies has been the fastest growing sector in Turkey in the last few years. Software engineers and programmers -due to their lack of managerial skills- and managers -due to their lack of technical skills- usually encounter problems when communicating with each other.

 Operations Management

Operations management is a must-have for all companies to effectively and efficiently design and manage value-adding processes. In other words, operations management aims to increase the added value of any process.

Minor Programs


Entrepreneurship minor program will provide students with a certain level of structure and the ability by making use of theoretical and acting contributions made in recent years in the field of business administration. The program will ensure that students have knowledge and perspective in the major intellectual trends and debates in the areas of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and technology management.

Finance minor program Finance

Finance Minor Program aims to communicate under a certain structure the fundamental financial concepts an approach to students who are interested and aim to specialize in the field of finance. The program will enable students to identify practical financial problems in areas such as portfolio management derivative securities, risk management, corporate finance and corporate mergers and acquisitions, apply and test popular theoretical models empirically, benefit form financial databases actively for these purposes and use attained results in the process of decision making.

Business Analytics Minor Program Business Analytics

Business Analytics Minor Program,offers content on basic applied mathematical economy, qualitative analysis and research techniques, decision analysis, macro and microeconomics, data mining and analysis, stochastic processes, system dynamics and alike, so that the program students can graduate with a strong "Decision Analytics" background and use this background to exploit business databases in making more sound decisions.