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SOM Graduate Programs

Admission Requirements for Graduate Programs


Sabancı MBA has an innovative full-time 16-month program that combines the practice and theory of management so that graduates can make informed career choices and have the skills and experience to succeed in today's competitive business environment. Through our rigorous courses, managerial skills workshops, a variety of platforms where you meet with a large number of managers of leading firms, exchange opportunities and unique Company Action Projects students are prepared  for challenging managerial positions in a globalized economy.

 Executive MBA

 The Sabancı Executive MBA Program has been meticulously designed for preparing middle level-managers to become top managers who can compete globally. The program is designed to build upon the practical experience of the participants, creating an environment that allows sharing such experiences. These design characteristics of the curriculum and the program schedule are based on the values we espouse: academic excellence, strong work-ethics, teamwork, and practical relevance. 

Genç Profesyoneller için MBA  Young Professionals MBA (YP-MBA)

Young Professionals MBA program is a 16-month program that allows young professionals to gain the necessary knowledge and skills that will move them towards managerial roles, possibly with a specialization area such as marketing, entrepreneurship, or family business. Through our innovative course schedule that allows students to focus on their courses without disrupting their professional work, rigorous courses, a variety of platforms for networking, and project-based learning opportunities students are prepared for challenging managerial positions in a globalized economy.

 Masters in Finance (MiF)

The Masters in Finance Program (MiF) is a rigorous, 10-month professional degree program specializing in applied finance. In addition to theoretical foundations, students enrolling in MiF acquire practical knowledge in finance, as well as hands-on training in our state-of the-art Center for Applied Finance Education (CAFE) facility. This unique center in the region is equipped with cutting edge technology and software, creating an up-to-date learning environment for students.