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 International Students Guide

 Medical Registration Procedures

 University Enrollment For Undergraduate International Degree Students: Sep 08-10, 2015

Required Documents for Undergraduate International Degree Students: 

 International students admitted to Sabancı University should submit the below documents to Student Resources during the enrollment dates.

1- Original Test score (SAT, ACT, IB, GSSC, GCE, etc)
2- The original of high school diploma and its notarized Turkish translation.
3- High School Diploma Equivalency Certificate from the Turkish Ministry of Education.
4- Photocopies of the applicants passport containing the student visa page. 
5- If taken before, a photocopy of residence permit.
6- 8 passport photos 
7- Receipt of Tuition Fee payment.
8- Financial Commitment Statement to have education at Sabancı University.
9- Original score of language proficiency exam if you submit the copy during the application.
10- Print out for Student Information Form.
11- Student ID Card Form


1-   Create your account via
(Account details will be informed to students in person)
2- Make your payment between the dates August 24-28,2015.
3- Come to university for university enrollment in person between the dates September 8-11,2015.
3- Fill out "Student Information Form" and submit to Student Resources Unit during university enrollment.
4- Fill out "Dormitory Application Form" if you stay in the dormitories.
5- Fill out "Health Information Form" .(Please complete your blood tests and have a chest x-ray taken in order to fill your Student Medical Information Form online.  X-rays reports can be taken from Turkey or from your home country. You will need to submit your chest x-ray and report as well as blood test results to the Health Center during registration.For questions,


Students who cannot submit a one of the national and/or  international foreign language examinations at a level determined by the university should join to English Language Assessment Exam held by the university. For details; (

Turkish Language Assesment Exam (TLAE):
At the beginning of the academic year in addition to the ELAE, newly registered foreign students are required to take the Turkish Language Assessment Exam (TLAE) which consists of an oral and a written component. The detailed information is as follows: 
Written Exam
Date &Time : September 10, 2015 at 09:00 a.m.
Location: SL 1023
Oral Exam:
Date &Time : September 10, 2015 at 01:00 p.m.
Location: SL 1023