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Corporate Identity

The color representing the institutional identity of Sabancı University is dark blue (Pantone 280).

The logo should always be used as dark blue (Pantone 280) on white and light colored backgrounds, but never on dark blue or any dark colored backgrounds.

In colored applications, the dark blue color of the rectangular background of the logo must not be changed. In black and white applications, the background of the logo must be black. Tramming must not be used for gray scaling.

In those applications where photographs are required on the same background with the logo, light colored photographs should be chosen. In this situation, the regulations of using the logo on white and light colored backgrounds are effective.

Please contact the Institutional Development Unit for more detailed information in cases of using the logo.

 +90 (216) 483 92 52

 Various types of Sabancı University logos: jpg | gif tiff | bmp eps | fh10

(You can save the logos in a folder by the right click.)