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FASS Undergraduate Programs

Sabancı University FASS aims a live interdisciplinary education with a powerful curriculum. The main curriculum grounds students in social sciences while interdisciplinary programs prepare the fundamentals of flexible and creative thinking.

Undergraduate Programs

 Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies Program brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars with a commitment to fostering new ways of analyzing and participating in contemporary cultural dynamics in Turkey and around the world.


The purpose of the Undergraduate Economics Program is to provide students with a rigorous foundation in economic theory and its applications.


 International Studies

The International Studies program aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to understand the complex economic, cultural and political transformations that are taking place at the global level.

 Political Science

Social and Political Sciences program is born out of a recognition of the increasing significance of cross-disciplinary studies in the social sciences. It is organized around the combined perspectives and analytical tools of Sociology, Political Science, and International Relations, further enriched and supported by History, Law and Social Psychology.

 Visual Arts & Communication Design

Visual Art and Visual Communication Design program aims to provide an ideal breeding ground for the education of the "new" artist and designer. The program offers two different tracks, namely Visual Arts where the aim is the education of visual arts and Visual Communication Design where the aim is the education of multimedia and web designers. 


After two years of preparation and program development, the Psychology Major Program is starting in 2014-2015 academic year.  Psychology majors earn a BA degree through the exploration of the psychological, biological, social, and cultural factors that shape human behavior. 


Minor Programs

 Art Theory & Criticism

The honors minor program in Art Theory and Criticism merges diverse aspects of visual studies into a unique curriculum, providing the students with an understanding of the major intellectual trends and debates in the visual arts, including art history, theory, criticism, and museum studies.


The honors minor program in Philosopy is designed for the students who wants to learn the fundamentals and develop thinking abilities about this subject. The program aims students to gain basic knowledge abilities to be able to follow current philosophical discussions.


The minor in psychology program equips the students with a strong base in psychology and develops a scientific understanding in a wide range of its subfields. The program introduces the students to the contemporary issues and research questions that can have implications for a variety of disciplines, providing a sound formation that will prepare interested students for graduate study in psychology and cognitive science.


Gender Studies - Sabanci University Gender Studies

Gender continues to be a key category of analysis in the social sciences and humanities, and a central concept in national and international public debates. This program aims to introduce the students to the major issues and approaches in gender and women’s studies, and to equip them with critical skills to analyze the gendered aspects of everyday life, science, politics, economy, culture, and society by combining the analytical tools of disciplines such as anthropology, cultural studies, history, literary studies, media studies, political science, philosophy, sociology, and visual studies.